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Published on June 20th, 2015 | by admin


Wiggle’s Basket Checkout Price Changes

First I feel I must say I have been a loyal and indeed active Wiggle customer for 3 years spending a large amount of my hard earned cash. Up until recent times I have been ultra-happy with all aspects of the buying and aftersales support from Wiggle.

Now though my love affair with Wiggle is well and truly over. You see I found something in the Wiggle checkout process that really does wind me up, plus in most cases lightens my pocket without warning so let me explain as you too may also be experiencing the same problem.

I live between the UK and Spain but as I’m British, I have my main Wiggle account settings set to the following:

Region & Language:        UK English

Currency:                            GBP

Delivery Destination:      United Kingdom

So most of the time, when I’m looking for new cycling goodies to buy I use the account setting as above. For instance just last night I was looking to purchase a new saddle plus a full groupset for a new Titanium build I’m working on. I select the items as below.


As you can see the total for the 2 items is just £599.48. I’m happy with the price so I proceed with the checkout process.


At this stage of the checkout process the total price is confirmed (£599.48) plus now I have the option to select a different delivery location. See what happens when I change the delivery location to Spain.


As you can see the price ramps up to £736.70. Let me state this is nothing to do with the delivery charge this is simply down to the fact that Wiggle, without any onscreen warning, changes the price depending where the items are to be despatched. For Spain, over a set amount Wiggle actually states that the delivery is free.

Now for those of us who do live between different countries or indeed purchase from Wiggle with orders despatched to different countries please be aware of the unannounced price changes that occur if you change the delivery address. I have tested Wiggle’s checkout system with hundreds of items in my cart and have experienced many “silent” price changes, many quiet spectacular and indeed some in my favour.

So in regards to the saddle and groupset I intended to buy I would save an initial £138 simply by having the items shipped to my UK address they spend around £25 pounds getting a family member send them on to me in Spain for a saving of over £100. Crazy!

To be honest I was pretty gobsmacked in regards to this situation so I spent a few minutes talking to the online support.

Charlie: You are connected to our Wiggle Live Chat service. To speak live with one of our Customer Service representatives please type your question in the box and then press send.
Tony: hi I want to order a Fizik Arione Saddle and a SRAM Force 22 Groupset but as I live between the UK and Spain I want it sent to Spain.  The price of my basket increases by £137 pounds without any warning why?
Charlie: Unfortunately prices are different for different countries to reflect current markets Tony.
Tony: So I could buy the items and have them sent to my uk address then use Royal Mail to send them to my Spanish address and save of £110?
Charlie: Yes that is right Tony.

To be fair to Wiggle I did contact them to ask them about their pricing policy. Their reply is below.

Firstly I would like to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused on this occasion. I have read through your correspondence with Charlie and would be happy to address your enquiry about our pricing in different countries. 

We understand that finding different prices for the same product can be confusing, so please allow us to explain. First of all, we do adjust our prices across countries, so you will not necessarily find the same price for a given product in one country as you will in another – even using the same currency. There are multiple reasons we adjust our prices across countries. The most obvious reason is differing VAT rates – each country has its own laws and regulations regarding the collection of VAT and rates can of course vary. But our prices can differ for reasons other than VAT as a result of the different costs of doing business across countries. Shipping, marketing, managing returns, etc., each cost different amounts in different countries, and we sometimes adjust our prices to reflect these differing costs. Finally, in order to ensure we provide the best value available anywhere, we constantly monitor our competitors around the world and will drop our prices to match or beat other’s promotions and markdowns. Therefore, sometimes our prices reflect local promotional pricing.

So in summary, our prices can and do vary across countries as a result of market differences, but our commitment to providing the best value to our customers we possibly can never does. We apologise for the confusion price differences can create, but we do believe that a tailored approach to international pricing is the best way for us to most consistently provide you the best value.  

I hope this information has helped to address your concerns, and we certainly appreciate your feedback.

Should you have any further comments or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch, I will be happy to help.


The Complaints Team

Wiggle Customer Services

So if you want to bag a bargain it seems the best option is to test the price of items using different delivery locations. Wiggle offer free delivery to many countries plus also offer next day shipping by DHL at a very competitive rate. For example if you have family in Spain or you plan to visit Spain for your holidays you can save £60 on a Garmin 1000. If like me you live between two countries then check the price of items required with both delivery locations.

I would be very interested to hear from others who have experienced the same problem with the Wiggle checkout process so please either comment on this post or email me with screenshots at

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3 Responses to Wiggle’s Basket Checkout Price Changes

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for the info. Was looking to buy a Garmin 1000 from Wiggle. If I select delivery to the UK it will cost £349.99 but if I send it to my sister in Spain it only costs £288.11!

  2. Lisa says:

    I’m looking to buy a new bike a Cinelli Women’s Gazzetta Muse but there is a £50 price difference? How can this be? Is the Wiggle checkout faulty?

  3. David Clark says:

    LOL so I can save £500 on a 2015 Quintana Roo PRSix Di2 by having it delivered to me whilst I’m on holiday :-)

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