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Tommy Godwin One Year Time Trial Record Attempt

Whilst I’m sure many reading this article were cheering on Wiggins as he smashed the hour record earlier this month, I’m also positive that most will be unaware of attempts to break the toughest cycling world record. Way back in 1939, Tommy Godwin smashed the year record by nearly 10,000 miles setting a world’s best of 75,065 miles (120,805 km). Since 1939 the year record has stayed firmly in tommy’s grasp but perhaps this year, a staggering 66 years later, we will see the record at last surpassed?

There are two main challengers who have a realistic chance of breaking the record.  The initial favourite was UK Audax legend Steven Abraham from England although    Kurt “Tarzan” Searvogel, from the USA, is more than a worthy challenger.  The challengers got off to a great start with Steve slowly building up his fitness and mileage during the cold winter months whilst Kurt took advantage of the warm Florida climate. Kurt got off to a flyer although Steve, little by little got in to his stride increasing his daily distances as months progressed. Disaster struck for Steve though during the morning of 29th March when a moped ran into him fracturing his foot. Although out of action for a few weeks, unbelievably Steve continued racking up the miles by switching to a recumbent cycle and cycling one legged up to and indeed over 100 miles a day.

Although Steve has bravely continued to clock up the miles and indeed since returned to just about full fitness, there is no doubt that his record challenge has been well and truly dented. Kurt on the other hand has been accident free and has been extremely consistent to such a degree he is on target to smash Tommy’s incredible record.

I’m going to cover the record attempt in great detail from now including my thoughts on how the challenges have fared in all aspects of the record attempt.

For the very latest news on the challenge please use the links below.

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