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Strava Cheats Take Digital EPO

Let me first say that I’m a premium Strava user. I like it and indeed use it so much; I have actually purchased a subscription. For me Strava is great for recording my progress although as a cyclist the only person I’m actually racing against is myself. I have no interest in taking the KOMs around my routes nor would I even if I actually had the ability to do so.

The truth of the matter is that Strava does attract cheats. Cheats who ride around on mopeds with Garmin’s in their pockets or cheats who use software to increase the speed of their rides.

Digital EPO is a website that allows users to upload their GPS rides, such as those recorded on Garmin Edge computers, and then manipulates the data, so that the speed of the ride is increased.  Once the ride data has been manipulated, the user then uploads the ride to Strava in many cases claiming the top place of set segments (KOMS).

I’m not shocked that some are happy to cheat Strava although you have to ponder just what sad people actually do this!

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