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Steve Abraham V Kurt Searvogel – One Year Time Trial Record Attempt – HAMR

Forget the hour record, the Tour de France the Giro and even the Vuelta, I would say the toughest, the toughest cycling event by far, has to be the One Year Time Trial. The OYTT or as it is also called HAMR (Highest Annual Mileage Record) is currently being attacked by two worthy challenges from each side of the Atlantic. From England Steve Abraham age 41 and from the USA  Kurt Searvogel age 52. From the onset it looked like both main contenders were going to produce a worthy scrap to take the record from its holder Tommy Godwin, who has held the record since 1939. Alas though this was not to be as  Steve was hit by a moped which left his record attempt in tatters.

Steve did actually continue with his record attempt although is way behind the record pace and will start a new attempt from 1st August. Many onlookers have commented on the different approach of Steve and Kurt so I thought for this article it would be of interest to some to cover  the  tactics Steve and Kurt are employing.


Steve is funded by a few sponsors, the main one being the Dutch owned Raleigh Bike plus Steve is also greatly helped by a small army of supporters who make cash donations. All Steve’s sponsors are listed on his main website One Year Time Trial.

Kurt is self-funded although I believe he is also sponsored to some degree by Bike Tyres Direct.


Steve has put together a small team led by Ultra cyclist Chris Hopkinson and a handful of others with tasks that range from media to logistics.

In regards to Kurt his main aid is Alicia Snyder who seems to run the whole show. From driving the RV to sorting Kurt’s meals. Each week short videos are posted on Kurt’s Facebook account which give a great insight to what Kurt is going through.


Kurt wins by miles!  With constant updates and indeed videos posted on his Facebook account you really can get a sense of what Kurt is going through, his great relationship with Alicia and the enormity of the task he has undertaken. If Kurt does indeed break the record I would not be surprised if he actually sold his footage as it would make a great standalone program.

I’m sorry to say that Steve’s media is not so hot with few updates and poor use of social media. Perhaps when Steve launches his record attempt perhaps he could also get his media man to start posting media to engage his followers and supporters.


Kurt is mobile and can be driven to start locations etc. Kurt is able to use the different climates of the USA. For example in the winter he stayed in Florida and may well return during late autumn.

Steve is mainly based at home although does have a small network of helpers around the country who will give him a bed, food and wash his kit whilst he sleeps. The UK though is a small country and if the UK suffers a tough winter then Steve will struggle. I wonder if for Steve’s record attempt he is able to leave the UK to take advantage of better winter conditions in other parts of Europe such as Spain?


There is no doubt that Kurt is cherry picking his routes which to be honest is what he should be doing. Taking the data straight from Kurt’s Strava Account, then as I write this article, this year to date, Kurt has covered 64,324.9Km with a total elevation gain of 175,078m. In regards to Steve his Strava Data states he  has covered 53,324.3Km with a total elevation gain of 265,466m. No one can deny that Steve has been riding harder for each mile.

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3 Responses to Steve Abraham V Kurt Searvogel – One Year Time Trial Record Attempt – HAMR

  1. - says:

    I can quite happily deny that Steve has been riding harder for each mile. You forget that Kurt is knocking out his 200 miles plus rides in around about 12 hours at an increased pace. What he lacks in climbing he makes up for in raw speed and power – simples.

  2. Tim says:

    The elevation “competition” is a red herring. While Steve may have climbed more elevation per mile (or km), he is on average riding about 5 meters of gain per km ridden while Kurt is riding 2.7 meters of gain per km ridden. Assuming both ride out and back routes, the gain is recovered on the way back. So in reality, they are riding 10 meters and 5.4 meters gain per km they are riding. In the grand scheme of things, that is hardly any practical difference in climbing.

    It may be more practical to look at Strava’s calculated watts expended by rider. Some will claim that the Strava calculated watts is not valid but in a long rides like both are riding, it has been proven to be fairly accurate, especially comparing two riders riding equivalent distances.

    To date, Kurt is averaging 154 watts while riding versus Steve’s 94 watts. That is further validated by the fact that Steve is averaging about 15 mph versus Kurt’s 19 mph.

    I think watts expended is a better indication of effort being put out by both riders.

    Kurt is an ultracyclist racer and has trained to put out the watts. Steve is a randonneur that is trained to put out the miles while conserving energy. Each are different style riders.

    Good luck to both. Steve had the misfortune early but has recovered to start another attempt. Kurt has been hit by cars twice in this competition but was fortunate enough to have avoided injury.


  3. Jamie says:

    Didn’t Kurt use a recumbent and ride on a track for some of his attempt? If true – that’s not cricket is it?

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