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Reskin Patch – No More Saddle Sores

Over several years of saddle sores I tried all the well known solutions for saddle sores.    I would have periods of being OK, but then the dreaded sores would reappear.   If you have never had them, think yourself very lucky.    They are painful and at their worst it hurts to sit on the saddle, and then hurts even more when you stand up, as the exposed sores are pulled by the loss of contact with the saddle.


Early in 2015 I read about Reskin bike patches, but considered them very expensive at  £25.54 for a pack of five, from AlwaysRiding in the UK.   I did eventually buy a pack and they were very good, but I only got about 5 rides from each patch.    Also, the patches were not really big enough to cover both saddle sores so I had to just cover the worst side, or use 2 patches.


Further internet research revealed that the patches are manufactured in Holland and that the elasticated patch material can be bought direct from the manufacturer as a 70cm wide strip.    You can then cut your own size.   In my own case I will get 6 patches from the strip.    The cost is still high at €35.03 including shipping.    However, I find that I get around 20 rides from each self-cut patch.


The full strip will do at least 100 rides of 80+ ks for me, so the cost now becomes reasonable at around 30 cents a ride.


The patches provide a complete and permanent solution to saddle sores.    You wash the patch in your post ride shower, stick it on a flat surface and it is ready to use next time out.


A great solution to an old problem, and if you have ever had saddle sores, you will not begrudge the initial outlay.    Your money will give you thousands of kilometres of comfortable riding.


Get your Reskin strip from:


Reskin – XL

Eerste Morgendreef 25

5233 NC’s Hertogenbosch




Tel 0031-(0)6-20767436



Reviewed by David Gartside, Amigos del Ciclismo, Spain.

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