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My LEL 2017 Training Plan

From what I have learned over the last few years, the most important aspect of training for an event is to actually enjoy the training. Slogging myself to death with endless long rides, which is just about what I did for the first third of last year, is something that I will make sure I don’t put myself through this year. I’m also going to make time for at least a couple of Pilates sessions each week which seem to be doing wonders for my dodgy back plus for overall fitness I’m also going to include 2 or 3 sessions of indoor rowing on a Concept 2 machine.

January LEL 2017 Training

Maintain the Pilate sessions and start a progressive indoor rowing training plan. Start cycling again to simply build up to a 160km (100 miles) hilly ride by the month end. Try and include at least one turbo session each week which should be HIIT with intervals no more than 1 minute.

February LEL 2017 Training

Similar to January but end the month with a ride of 200km, preferably around 240km (150miles), again including plenty of hills. Keep up with the Pilates, Rowing and Turbo HIIT sessions.

March LEL 2017 Training

March is where my training starts to get serious. Each week will comprise of at least:
1 x Hilly Long Ride (up to 320KM (200 miles) By Month End. Will ride well within myself trying to keep my heart rate down thus saving energy.
1 x Club Ride (at a faster pace)
1 x HIIT Turbo Session.
Towards the end of the month I will ease off so I have a recovery week.
I will continue with Pilates and Indoor Rowing.

April LEL 2017 Training

Will continue to ride 320Km+ on my weekly long ride but will also ride the following day. My aim will be to keep increasing the distance of the second day so that by the end of May I can happily ride 600km+ over 2 days. For April I will be more than happy if I can ride 500km over 2 days.
Will continue (most weeks) with a club ride and a weekly Turbo Session.
Will also ensure that one week during the month is a much easier week.
I will continue with Pilates and Indoor Rowing.

May LEL 2017 Training

My main goal this month is to ride at least 320km on back to back days by the month end. In all honesty I hope I can ride 350km on back to back days.
Will continue (most weeks) with a club ride and a weekly Turbo Session.
Will also ensure that once again I have a recovery week plus continue with Pilates and Indoor Rowing.

June & Early July LEL 2017 Training

Would love to ride 320km+ on 3 consecutive days, although with the heat here in South East Spain it’s not going to be easy. If I can do 1000km over 3 days then of course this would give me a major boost before LEL 2017. At the very least I will aim for 700km over 2 days. After the first week of July I will back right off although will continue with club rides, HIIT and hilly long single day rides.
I will continue with Pilates and Indoor rowing.
Will ease up “big time” 2 to 3 weeks before the event.

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