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Kajsa Tylen Sets The Pace For The Women’s Year Record

After a year in which England’s Steve Abrahams went “toe to toe” with Kurt “Tarzan” Searvogel, which resulted in Searvogel setting a new world record, Kajsa Tylen now takes up the mantle for the women, targeting Billie Fleming’s 77 year record of 29,603 miles (47,641km) cycled in a year. Kurt of course had a superb team leader Alicia, who midway through his epic challenge he actually married. Kajsa also has her “A” Team which comprises of her mother, a few quality sponsors, which include Leisure Lakes Bikes and the mighty Bumble, her dog who from time to time takes the pressure away from Kajsa by undertaking the nightly video interview.

Those who have been following Kajsa’s progress on her Facebook page A Year in The Saddle I’m sure like myself are full of admiration for Kajsa’s progress to date plus indeed the fun way she is approaching the challenge which shines through in her nightly videos. I’m sure we all can agree that a year long cycling record attempt which comprises of day after day of long rides can be a tad dull to say the least. Kajsa seems to have found a way to defiantly stamp her own fun personality on her efforts which make the task of following her progress very enjoyable.

Other women though are waiting on the side-lines to attack the women’s record included Alicia Searvogel, who will swap roles with her husband Kurt, who will support her, just as she supported him during his successful record attempt.   Amanda Coker will also challenge the record which will mean there will be three great challengers for the record which should be very interesting to follow indeed.

You can follow Kajsa’s progress by viewing her Facebook page, A Year in The Saddle or by viewing the official Kajsa Tylen Website or by checking out the Kajsa Tylen Strava Page which has full details of her rides. See how Kajsa is doing in regards to the existing record with this excellent spreadsheet which shows her progress against Billie’s.

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