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How To Patch / Repair Expensive Cycling Wear

Quality cycling attire sure is not cheap. With quality bib shorts costing way over £100 plus cycling jersey and jackets costing much more, one fall can sometimes hurt riders more in their pocket than the actual riding rash they suffer. I recently had the misfortune to have ruined not one but 2 Castelli Gabba Jerseys over the course of just 3 rides. With each one costing well over £100 I was far from happy.

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Patching Cycling Bib Shorts & Jerseys

So what can you do when your favourite bib shorts or Jersey gets ripped in a fall? Well you may be surprised to learn that for just a few pounds you can buy specific patch materials that make repairing your apparent ruined clothing a breeze. Two such products are Pronty & Gear Aid Gore Tex Repair Kit; both are essentially a sticky patch kit.

cycling lycra repair patch

Pronty is available from craft shops or online at Ebay or even Amazon for around £3.  To use Pronty just follow the instructions below.

  • Clean and dry area to be repaired
  • Join torn edges of material
  • Cut patch to size to cover beyond the tear.
  • Apply pressure from the centre out to eliminate air
  • I prefer to patch both side of the tear (inside and outside)

The whole process of fixing a jersey took less than 5 minutes.

repair castelli gabba jersey

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