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Garmin Edge Gets Set For Connect IQ Apps

I’m sure that we are going to see some pretty amazing changes in cycling computers during 2016, perhaps to a degree we have never seen before. Remember phones before apps when phones were just, err, phones? Garmin recently announced ….

We are bringing Connect IQ to the Edge 1000, the Edge Explore 1000, the Edge 520, and more in the future.  There are hundreds of thousands of these Edges in the world that will be ready for Connect IQ when it hits the devices early Q1 next year.

When we launch Connect IQ on the Edge early Q1 there will be data fields, widgets and apps.  We are starting with data fields first and will add widgets and apps as we get closer to launch. 

So what does this mean? What is Connect IQ? How will this effect Edge cycling computers. Well basically Garmin are opening up their leading cycling products which are the Edge 1000, Edge Explore 1000 and the Edge 520 to 3rd party developers. Such 3rd party developers which could be anybody with coding skills who will be able to create apps and data fields which will run on Edge cycling computers in a similar manner to how apps and widgets run on phones and tablets. For some time Connect IQ apps have been available to some of Garmin’s other sports devices.

Garmin Connect IQ Compatible devices list.

Garmin Connect IQ Apps

So with new apps which are freely available on the Garmin Connect IQ Website users can easily and quickly:

  • Customize the base watch experience with colourful watch faces.
  • Translate rich sensor data into new metrics and insights with custom data fields.
  • Provide information at a glance with widgets.
  • Offer solutions for active lifestyles with apps.

I have owned a Garmin Vivoactive Watch for a good few months, which is fully compatible with Connect IQ apps. Through loading apps, I can completely change the display, load new applications such as Hike and the popular Couch To 5k running app, load games such as mini chess and dicycle or even load an array of other applications which gives my watch more uses than I ever could have dreamt of.

garmin connect iq apps

In real terms though, it is fair to say, we ain’t seen nothing yet as I’m sure during 2016 and beyond we are going to see an explosion of new apps and widgets. Just think back to how little in real terms we used our phones before phone apps came along and gave our phones many more uses most of us now take for granted on a daily basis.

Connect IQ – The Future

Expect to be able to change the complete display of your Edge, perhaps utilising visual dials and other graphics rather than just numeric data. Much more use of existing data for example health apps that monitor your heart rate. Perhaps an explosion in new Ant+ devices with accompanied apps which could well give your Edge computer new applications you would never have dreamt of. Defiantly expect more apps than send data from your phone perhaps giving you latest score flashes or new bulletins etc. Exciting times ahead indeed!


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