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Garmin Edge Connect IQ Apps

Late last year, Garmin announced that Connect IQ Apps would be also available to Garmin Edge computers. During the last few weeks Apps and Data fields compatible with Garmin Edge 1000 & 520 computers have appeared in the Connect IQ website. Its early days for Connect IQ but already the signs of good that Connect IQ for Edge computers could revolutionise cycling computers just as apps did for mobile phones.

What are Connect IQ Apps?

Connect IQ Apps are applications written by 3rd party software developers that you can download and run on Garmin Edge 1000 and 520 computers. Think of Connect IQ Apps in a similar manner as phone apps which you can download to Android and IPhone phones. Such apps can display data in different formats or even pull data from a connected phone whilst you are riding. For example future apps could give you real time weather info including detailed wind and temperature data whilst you are cycling. Other apps could tell you the nearest open store, restaurant or café or even detailed news on traffic levels on the route you are following. To be honest as your Garmin Edge is connect to your phone, and your phone is connected to the internet, the applications that could be created are simply endless. Connect IQ is defiantly going to revolutionise cycling in my opinion although it will take some time.

Basic apps will just change the way data is displayed. For example let’s take a look at the standard way Garmin Edge Computers display data.


I’m sure anybody with a Garmin Edge is familiar with the screens above. Let’s now take a look at one of the apps from the Connect IQ website.


See how the data is displayed in a different format, even using a dial for speed? Also take a look at the Heart Rate Zones App below.

connect iq apps

I love this app as it enables me to concentrate on my heart rate zones alone. I can instantly see not only the current zone but a complete chart of the time I have been in each zone.

It’s early days for Connect IQ for Garmin Edge devices with limited apps currently available although I’m sure during the next couple of years we are going to see an explosion of new apps becoming available.

What devices are compatible with Connect IQ?

Many Garmin devices are actually compatible with Connect IQ although only 3 Garmin Edge Computer are indeed compatible. These are the Edge 520, Edge 1000 and Edge Explore 1000. For a full list of compatible device see the image below.







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