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Free Garmin Edge 520 Map Update

I’m very impressed with the new Garmin 520. I like its compact size, its long battery life plus the built in Strava Live Segments features which has me pushing myself hard up the local hills. The Garmin Edge 520 sure is a great little cycling computer, although the base maps which are preinstalled are far from ideal.

If though you have basic computer skills, you can remove the crappy base maps and load high detailed maps which you can select and download from completely free.

Please note the Garmin Edge 520 is not equipped with a great amount of  internal storage nor an external card slot so you must ensure any map you load is less than 50MB!

How To Update Your Garmin Edge 520 Maps For Free!

  • Open your browser and go to:
  • Select the area you require.  Remember the total map size MUST BE 50MBs. The Garmin Edge 520 has limited storage space.
  • Either download the map file directly from the website or select the email option to have it emailed to you.
  • Save the file on your computer desktop.
  • Connect your Garmin Edge 520 to you Windows or MAC computer using a USB cable.
  • Access your Garmin folder and search for the files:  gmapbmap.img and gmapbmap.sum
  • Copy both of the above files and save them in a secure location as this will give you the option to revert to these maps in the future.
  • On your Garmin Edge 520 delete the gmapbmap.img and the gmapbmap.sum files.
  • Unzip the new map file you saved on your computer’s desktop.
  • Rename the new map file to gmapbmap.img.
  • Copy your new map file to your Garmin 520 Edge.
  • Safely disconnect you Garmin Edge 520, unplug and restart.
  • The new more detailed maps are now ready to go.

For those who need more help please watch the video below.

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