Cycling Tips Creating Routes For Garmin Edge Computers Using Google Maps

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Creating Routes For Garmin Edge Computers Using Google Maps

When it comes to the process of creating routes for the Garmin Edge range of bike computers or indeed all other GPS type bike computers, you have several options to do so. Most use the Strava Route Builder to plan routes although it’s still in development and certainly, to say the least contains a few annoying bugs. I have found the best way to create routes is by using Google Maps then exporting the route to a .gpx file which is ideal for any Garmin Edge.

Creating a Cycle Route Using Google Maps

First go to Google Maps then click the blue directions icon as shown below.

using google maps for creating cycling routes

Now you need to specify that the route you are going to create will be for cycling otherwise Google Maps will route you using motorways etc. Simply click the “Cycle” icon as shown below.

creating routes for cycling

Now simply type in your starting point, then your destination. Google will then list 2 or more routes. You can look and indeed select a different route  simply by clicking on it as shown below.


Unfortunately you can’t simply save the routes that Google Maps creates as they are not compatible with your Garmin Edge. Google Maps uses KML (Keyhole Markup Language) files whereas the Garmin requires GPX (GPS exchange format). What we need to do is convert the Google Maps file, which we can easily do in just a couple of clicks.

How To Convert Google Maps KML Format To Garmin Edge GPX Format

Using Google Maps search you create earlier select the preferred route by clicking on it. Next copy the url of the route which is displayed in the browser as shown below.


Now you need to go to the GPS Visualizer website. Scroll down until you see the option box displayed below.

gpx visualizer

All you need to do now is click the GPX option then paste the url of the Google Maps route you created earlier as below.

gpx visualizer

Once the GPX option has been selected and you are sure you have pasted the correct url simply press the Convert button.

The file will be converted, and then a new screen will be displayed that shows the url of the converted file. Simply right click on the url to save it to your computer.

How To View GPX Files

If you want to take a closer look at the GPX file you have created then go to and create a free account.


To view any gpx file simply click UPLOAD then click the SELECT FILES button which is displayed on the left hand side under the title FILES ON YOUR COMPUTER.

Ride With GPS is a very useful tool for analysing routes especially as you can in effect zoom in on any section of the route to examine the profile etc.


Exporting The GPX File To Your Garmin Edge

If you want to copy the GPX file to your Garmin Edge then simply copy the file and paste it into your Garmin Edge NewFiles folder. If the copying task is beyond your expertise then simply follow this step by step guide.



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