honest cycling reviewsI’m a British guy who has dumped the grey skies of the UK for the glories sunshine of the south east of Spain. I have returned to cycling this year after an absence of over 25 years. I’m no Bradley Wiggins, nor will ever be, although I do have a keen interest in how cycling has utilised technology in recent times. Cycling technology in general, has developed at a great pace, leaving many such as myself completely dumbfounded, or dare I say confused, by the vast amount of high tech cycling products now available. I like many others have spent hours upon hours reading the multitude of online cycling tech products reviews which I have found misleading and in many cases biased, written by those with no actual experience of the products reviewed. Every product reviewed on www.bikingtimes.com I promise has been tested extensively by myself over a period of time. My reviews detail the good, bad and dam right ugly of each and every item.

For now this website will not include any sponsorship or affiliate programs, although being honest, I may be forced to change this policy if, and yes it is a big if, if this website becomes successful. I will though give you my word now that I will NEVER accept paid reviews. All reviews posted here at www.bikingtimes.com will always be 100% honest and genuine!

How You Can Help

If you enjoy this website then you can support me in many ways. Firstly you can reply to my product reviews, perhaps detailing your own experience with the product or simply ask for more information. You can also sign up free to our newsletter which will keep you informed of upcoming product reviews and new product releases, or even follow our Twitter feed or like our pages. If you want a certain product reviewed then let us know as I will do my upmost to review the product if there is a big enough demand. Best of all though simply visit this website on a regular basis and tell your friends.


If you have a product you would like reviewed here at www.bikingtimes.com then simply contact me at occreply@gmail.com. I will be happy to return any product after it has been reviewed. Beware though! All my reviews will be 100% honest! I will do my upmost to not only detail the good points of your product but also find your product flaws. Please don’t ask for a paid review or advertising space because you will be wasting your time.

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